9th & 10th Grade English Language Arts Resources for ENTIRE School Year EDITABLE [DIGITAL INCLUDED]


9th and 10th grade ELA materials and resources for an entire school year covering more than 30 different skills and 40+ activities. 

This 140+ page product is designed to help your students master a variety of different skills throughout an entire school year. Below, I’ve highlighted the different skills, activities, and assessments included in the resource. This resource is editable and can be changed to fit your students’ needs! NOTE: This resource is completely different than my 6th Grade ELA Resources and 7th and 8th Grade ELA Resources
It has a similar setup, but the activities and assessments are different.


Skills covered include
-Citing Textual Evidence
-Making inferences
-Annotating text
-Analyzing theme
-Word choice & language
-Sequence of events
-Plot structure
-Transformation of works
-Annotation Stations
-Biographies Around the World
-Infographic Research
-Rhetorical Devices
-Word Choice
-Analyzing Arguments
-Persuasive Writing
-Research Writing
-Revising Writing
-Writing with Purpose
-World research
-Ethos, pathos, & logos
-Rhetorical Devices
-Blind Debates
-Digital Media Project
-Argumentative speaking using persuasive techniques
-9th and 10th grade vocabulary menu
-Rubrics included

Activities included in this product:
-Literature review novel unit flipbook (citing evidence, analyzing theme, characterization, word choice, plot structure, cultural perspective, figurative language, and literary elements)
-Characterization stations
-Figurative Foreheads (A game for figurative language)
-Extended plot structure foldable
-Set the stage multimedia project
-Annotation stations
-Informational text analysis flipbook
-Rhetorical techniques project
-Famous leaders biographies with questions (5)
-Famous leaders mini-projects (5)
-DIY research based infographic
-MYTHconceptions: Sorting through research
-Persuasive research unit (I did include some of the 7/8 resources in this section as review, but there are new things, too!)
-Ethos, Pathos, and Logos persuasive project
-Proofreading task cards
-Virtual world traveler research project
-Be the change expository essay
-Blind debates
-Design your own TED Talk
-9th and 10th grade vocabulary menu
-10 weeks of vocabulary terms
-All rubrics included

Additional resources included in the package 
-Detailed teacher directions
-Detailed student directions
-Rubrics for essays and projects (because this is skills based and can work with any assignment, there is NOT an answer key, rubrics only.
-Student data tracking sheets
-Tabs for organization
-Cover pages for organization
-Directions to download FREE fonts for editable purposes

**This product is designed for 9th and 10th grade, but some of the resources are also suitable for 7th-12th grade.
You can find here 6th grade version of this here:
6th Grade ELA Resources
You can find the 7th and 8th grade version of this here:
7th and 8th Grade ELA Resources


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NOTE: All resources are digital downloads designed to be printed and distributed by the teacher. You will not receive a physical hard copy of the product. This saves in shipping costs and allows teachers the flexibility to assign the materials when convenient for them. Enjoy!

2 reviews for 9th & 10th Grade English Language Arts Resources for ENTIRE School Year EDITABLE [DIGITAL INCLUDED]

  1. Kandi

    I’m so excited for this package. I’ve been waiting for it come out for a while, and it does not disappoint! If you are a new teacher or a veteran teacher, you need this! It’s visually stunning in a way that is modern for high school students. So many products are “childish” looking but this one is not! I have several of The SuperHERO Teacher’s resources, and I’ve loved them all. Just like the others, this one is generic enough to fit into your own curriculum. It could work as a stand-alone, but I think it would be best to integrate it with whatever units you already have. I think it’s a great way to ensure that your current units are standards-based and focused more on skills over content.

  2. Kelly U.

    This is a very comprehensive unit that provides all kinds of lessons and concepts in English/Language Arts. This is great to go to when you need supplements or as the main lesson. Everything is visually appealing and works well. New teachers will love this unit!

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