7th & 8th Grade English Language Arts Resources for ENTIRE School Year: EDITABLE


7th and 8th grade ELA materials and resources for an entire school year covering more than 30 different skills and 40+ activities. 

This 140+ page product is designed to help your students master a variety of different skills throughout an entire school year. Below, I’ve highlighted the different skills, activities, and assessments included in the resource. This resource is editable and can be changed to fit your students’ needs! NOTE: This resource is completely different than my 6th Grade ELA Resources It has a similar setup, but the activities and assessments are different.


Skills covered include
-Citing textual evidence
-Making inferences
-Literary analysis
-Poetry analysis
-Tone, mood, & allusions
-Historical background
-Media comparison
-Central ideas
-Ethos, pathos, and logos
-Informational text background knowledge
-Text annotation
-Persuasive writing
-Poetry writing
-Research writing
-Informative writing
-Narrative writing
-Collaborative speaking
-Analyzing main ideas
-Public speaking skills
-Speaker’s arguments
-Multimedia presentations
-Rubrics available

Activities included in this product:
-Citing textual evidence graphic organizers and examples
-Literary analysis flipbook for any novel
-Citing multiple pieces of textual evidence graphic organizer
-Textual evidence task cards
-Making inferences “Hamburger Style” activity
-Poetry stations and supplemental materials including poems (Because I Could Not Stop for Death, The Road Not Taken, O Captain! My Captain!, Chicago, Sonnet VII, and Still I Rise)
-Determining the TONE and MOOD of the text
-QR Code the Tone & Mood Interactive Activity
-Allusion focus lesson
-Historical background graphic organizer
-Literary timeline organizer
-Novel VS Film interactive manila folder activity (covers characterization and plot structure)
-Vocabulary in literature
-Informational text Q&A research assignments with a focus on textual evidence
-Tween Tribune text analysis
-Student magazine project (includes assignment, rubric, and editable magazine template for students to complete)
-Magazine annotation
-20-time semester long assignment (community issues and current events)
-Five minute fairytales narrative writing activity and task cards
-Persuasive essay project
-Poetry gallery hop
-Artifact speech
-Knockout debates
-Self-concept activity
-Vocabulary menu
-10 weeks of vocabulary terms

Additional resources included in the package 
-Detailed teacher directions
-Detailed student directions
-Rubrics for essays and projects (because this is skills based and can work with any assignment, there is NOT an answer key, rubrics only.
-Student data tracking sheets
-Tabs for organization
-Cover pages for organization
-Directions to download FREE fonts for editable purposes

**This product is designed for 7th and 8th grade, but some of the resources are also suitable for 6th and 9th grade.
You can find here 6th grade version of this here:
6th Grade ELA Resources
For the 9th and 10th grade version of this, go here:
9th and 10th Grade ELA Resources


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NOTE: All resources are digital downloads designed to be printed and distributed by the teacher. You will not receive a physical hard copy of the product. This saves in shipping costs and allows teachers the flexibility to assign the materials when convenient for them. Enjoy!

3 reviews for 7th & 8th Grade English Language Arts Resources for ENTIRE School Year: EDITABLE

  1. Jessica R.

    The SuperHERO Teacher is by far one of my favorite sellers on TPT. This product, much like my other purchases from her, does not disappoint. The skills addressed in this product align directly with what I am required to teach my eighth grade students, and I appreciate how organized and well-designed it is. I am looking forward to implementing these activities during the upcoming school year.

  2. Julia V.

    AMAZING! Chock-full of resources that will come in SUPER handy this next year! I love that many of the pages are not text specific, so I can use the graphic organizers and thinking maps with any texts I choose! The vocabulary menu is also super functional, not to mention adorable.

  3. Classics on Caffeine

    This costs more than I normally would spend, BUT it is 100% worth it. I use “flexible learning” days every week and these activities just added remarkable student choice options to what I have already created. This was also a great resource to share with my student-teacher as she begins to prepare for her first teaching experience. Excellent!

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