6th Grade English Language Arts Resources for an ENTIRE School Year: EDITABLE


NOTE: As of July 28, 2020, I added a DIGITAL version of this resource for distance learning. It is compatible with Google Slides and Google Classroom.

6th grade ELA materials and resources for an entire school year covering more than 30 different skills. 

This 100+ page product is designed to help your students master a variety of different skills throughout an entire school year. Below, I’ve highlighted the different skills, activities, and assessments included in the resource. This resource is editable and can be changed to fit your students’ needs!


NOTE: As of July 28, 2020, I added a DIGITAL version of this resource for distance learning. It is compatible with Google Slides and Google Classroom.

Skills covered include
-Citing Textual Evidence
-Identifying Themes
-Plot structure
-Point of View
-Comparing Literature
-Figurative Language
-Analyzing multimedia
-Making inferences
-Central ideas
-Historical background
-Objective summaries
-Annotating text
-Sandwiching quotes
-Improving writing skills
-Compound sentences
-Complex sentences
-Compound-complex sentences
-Writing for purpose
-Parts of speech
-Narrative writing
-Persuasive writing
-Expository writing
-Writer’s workshop
-Collaborative speaking
-Literature interviews
-Persuasive speaking
-Literal meanings of words
-Figurative meanings of words

Activities included in this product:
-Entrance ticket templates
-Citing textual evidence graphic organizers
-Identifying themes chart and organizer
-Design a front cover project
-Plot structure diagram charts
-Vocabulary in literature graphic organizer
-Point of view graphic organizer
-Comparing literature activity
-Figurative language tic-tac-toe game
-Solve the conflict assignment
-Multimedia project
-Defining informational text KWL chart
-Sandwiching quotes interactive notebook page
-3-2-1 Graphic organizer
-Text annotation guidelines
-Central ideas graphic organizer
-Timeline of events
-Twitter objective summaries
-ABC summaries
-Writing stations
-Tandem narrative writing
-Persuasive writing assignment and project
-Narrative writing project
-Expository writing assignment
-Inner-outer circle writer’s workshop
-Literature circle stations
-Literature interviews
-Public Service Announcement (PSA) propaganda project
-Vocabulary menu weekly activity
-6th grade vocabulary words

Additional resources included in the package 
-Detailed teacher directions
-Detailed student directions
-Rubrics for essays and projects (because this is skills based and can work with any assignment, there is NOT an answer key, rubrics only.
-Student data tracking sheets
-Tabs for organization
-Cover pages for organization

**This product is designed for 6th grade, but some of the resources are also suitable for 5th and 7th grade.
For the 7th and 8th grade version of this product, click here:
7th and 8th Grade ELA Activities and Resources for the ENTIRE School Year


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  1. Samantha S.

    bought this over the summer when I found out I would be teaching sixth grade ELA at my new district and it was worth every single cent! Thank you for making it editable so teachers can tweak it to work for them!

  2. Heidi F.

    Great resource. It’s comprehensive and will allow for flexibility based on the interest and skills of the students.

  3. Callie M.

    All of your resources are so wonderful and are always exactly what I am looking for. I love that this resource is specific to 6th grade and will contain many resources I want to including in my teaching.

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