What is a classroom makeover? Welcome to the world of classroom design! During my fifth year of teaching, I discovered my two biggest passions in education: creating curriculum and designing classrooms! It started off with a $3,000 giveaway for a wonderful teacher in Minnesota, and has grown significantly from there. Basically, the concept is simple: I go in with my team and completely flip deserving teachers’ classrooms. I provide new flooring, flexible seating, unique designs, bulletin boards, ceiling tiles, and so much more! It’s what every teacher deserves, truly. I’m working on making my mark on as many classrooms as possible.

What goes into a classroom makeover?

Learn about the process of a complete classroom transformation on my YouTube channel. This video is a break down of the makeover I completed for Marguerite Haas and her students in Cleveland, Ohio.

How can you transform your classroom?

I’ve received a ton of interest in my process for Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition and how to transform your learning space into a classroom that is open, inviting, and interactive for ALL students, which is why I created a 20+ step process for teachers!

The purpose of this challenge is to help YOU achieve the classroom environment and atmosphere of your dreams. It’s possible–trust me! If you complete these 20+ interactive challenges, you will be well on your way to achieving it!

ALL of the challenges in this workbook are actionable and measurable– meaning I don’t just include my process, I give you the tools and steps to implement them. Whether you’re organizing your classroom or creating a vision board, the workbook is designed in a way that you can record and track your progress throughout the transformation! Oh, and I include videos explaining tips, tricks, and secrets, too!

Administrators, interested in hiring me as your classroom designer? I’ve created a price breakdown for administrations looking to flip classrooms for their deserving teachers.