3 Reasons to use Exit Tickets in Your Classroom

Exit Ticket Journals

Do you use exit tickets in your classroom? If not, they are a GREAT way to check your students understanding and redirect your instruction. However, it is sometimes hard to find ways to assess students every day. So, that is why, today, I am writing about WHY you should use an Exit Ticket Journal in your classroom!


First, reflection is a major part of the learning process. This is just as important as introducing the skill (with a learning target or outcome). Students need to reflect on their learning after each lesson. This will allow students to see how they feel about the concept or skill.

The exit ticket journal contains 275 unique and creative exit ticket prompts that are designed to help students reflect on each lesson they are a part of. The prompts are generic so that they can be applied to any subject or lesson. But, they are also challenging, so they will prompt critical thinking and assess student comprehension.

Classroom management/routine

If you are going to be assessing your students each day, anyway, using this journal will take the work out of the process. Reflection is imperative and providing students with the daily routine of responding to an exit ticket will be mutually beneficial.

Each day, your students will know to grab their exit ticket journal during the last 5-7 minutes of class. The routine will allow students to focus on the task at hand, and truly reflect on their learning. Plus, it is an easy way for you to check your students’ understanding. With an exit ticket rubric, you will be able to easily “grade” student responses.

Strengthen skills

Reflection is a skill that students will benefit from in all areas. This will not only help YOU understand what they know/don’t know. It will help THEM understand what they know/don’t know.

Students will be practicing a variety of skills during this assessment process. They will be writing, creating, scaling, taking notes, and so much more. Students will be practicing problem-solving skills and using their creative minds in the process.

Strengthening students reflection and self-assessment skills can improve how they perform in class, overall. After an exit ticket, they will understand what they learned from a day’s lesson. The next day, they will be able to build upon what they previously gained. Or, they will be able to redirect misconceptions or look for alternative methods to understand what they missed.

Why the Exit Ticket Journal?

Because there are 275 different prompts, students will be assessing themselves in different ways. They will never become bored of a prompt or rush through, since they think they know what you want to see. They will truly be able to reflect on their learning.

If you would like to take the work out of exit tickets and daily formative assessments, or, if you want to take a closer look at the Exit Ticket Journal, click here!


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