Teaching Informational Text in Middle and High School

Why Informational Text?

As we know, it is so important to provide our students with a variety of high-quality text. This means that they need to be exposed to current informational text articles, in addition to the novels, short stories and poems that they are working with.

Studies have shown that 70% of texts that students are working with in middle school should be informational. This is because all students are going to require strong informational text skills outside of school. So, students need more exposure and practice with these specific skills.

Informational Text Activities All in One Place!

How do you incorporate informational text in your classroom? Are you looking for an easy way to provide your students with intentional, multi-dimensional informational text activities? This Informational Text Journal can do just that!

The contents of this journal are very simple: 31 high-quality informational texts and corresponding activities. Each article has  comprehension questions and an extension project or activity. There are also annotation instructions and a Cornell Note-Taking Guide that can be used for each article! It is everything you need in one, neatly-bundled journal.

How Can I Use This?

Similar to the Reading Literature Journal, this journal can be used in several ways. And, similar to Reading Literature Journal, this journal has everything included. So it is simply print-and-go.

  • OPTION ONE: Print and bind the journal as a whole. (Or hole-punch and place in folders/binders). Give students their journal at the beginning of the school year or semester.  Assign one informational text article each week They will work through all 31 works by the end of the semester.
  • OPTION TWO: Assign the different informational text articles at your leisure. Instead of created the entire journal, print and distribute the articles as you assign them. This allows for more choice in which articles are assigned, when they are to be completed and how they are collected.
  • OPTION THREE: Three words– EMERGENCY SUB PLANS!!! These are great for a quick lesson if you have to miss a day.
  • OPTION FOUR: Use these activities as extra practice or reinforcement for struggling or advanced students. They can be completed with a small-group, as partners or even as additional practice.
  • OPTION FIVE: If you are a proponent of homework OR a flipped classroom atmosphere– assign the informational text articles for homework and complete the activities during the class period.

Variety, High-Quality

As you can see, the journal has a variety of text topics and a variety of extension projects. Each of the topics is intentional and current. The activities that correlate are directly correlated to the text topic and require rigor and creativity. They will be applying a variety of skills for each article and assignment, as well.

The activities are hands-on and great for critical thinking/problem-solving skills. They are also great for your grade-book! For a list of each of the articles, see below.

Five Seconds: (texting and driving)
1’s and 0’s: (computer coding)
Around the World: (USPS)
Autumn Vibes: (seasons changing)
The Robot Chauffeur: (autonomous vehicles)
Bullying Unveiled: (bullying & consequences)
Emergency!: (paramedics and first responders)
Fiona the Hippo: (a hippo’s story from the Cincinnati Zoo)
Women in STEM: (opportunities for women in STEM)
Fireplugs: (fire hydrants and their purpose)
Here to Stay: (the selfie epidemic)
Holidays Around the World: (traditions & holidays)
Is it Real?: (virtual reality)
Living Giants: (Sequoia National Park)
Mind Rehearsal: (visualization)
Mnemonics: (memorization techniques)
Podcast Host: (podcasts & benefits)
Point & Shoot: (photography)
Reuse it OR Lose it: (recycling)
Rails-to-Trails: (bike trails)
Run! Squat! Lift!: (importance of physical health)
Digital Pen: (writing an ebook)
At Your Service: (service animals)
Graphic Words: (emojis)
Spring Forward: (daylight savings)
The Doctor in In: (Dr. Seuss biography)
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Bot: (computer viruses)
The Jewel of the Sky: (hummingbirds)
The Next Great Idea: (patents)
The Sole of the Feet: (the shoe making process)
Letter Analysis: (handwriting)


If you think this journal is good for your class, or want a closer look, click here!


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