6 Reasons to Use Interactive Bulletin Boards in your Classroom

Why Interactive Bulletin Boards?

We all have bulletin boards in our classroom. We all know that they are sometimes a hassle to change, keep current or to keep intentional. However, if you use interactive bulletin boards, none of these things will be a problem.

Interactive bulletin boards are created with the intention of being USED. Specifically, these boards are made to be used by the students. So, students will be able to work with the content that is on the board, constantly keeping it current and intentional.

There are other reasons to use interactive bulletin boards, too. Below, I will talk about 6 of them.

They are Interactive

Bulletin Boards should be interactive. They should require some sort of adaptation, utilization, reference, etc. So, if you create a bulletin board that simply displays something and isn’t ever referenced or used, it is a waste of educational space.

With interactive bulletin boards, students are able to access the resources on the board. They are able to use them, learn with them, apply their skills, improve their knowledge, GAIN something from the board. For example, the “We All Have a Story To Tell” board above displays 21 individual writing challenges that can be completed throughout the year. Students can access the materials, respond to the prompts, complete the challenges and add to the display. It is constantly being built upon throughout the year.

The “Growth Mindset” board below is designed to allow students to display their growth mindset moments. A “mindset moment” is an experience someone has in which he or she uses growth mindset to overcome obstacles–leading to success!


Interactive bulletin boards are also purposeful. Because they will be worked with, there is intention behind their use. You know that space is valuable. You are going to put up a display that means something important to your students.

The “bulletin board” below is called “Take What You Need, Give What You Can.” This bulletin board is designed to help students motivate each other throughout the school year. The interactive component makes this resource purposeful in that it gives students a task to complete and helps create a positive community.

This product works well for upper elementary, middle, and high school students. I designed this bulletin board for Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition and it was a huge hit! Not only is it bright, vibrant, and visually appealing, but it encourages students to be KIND to each other and motivate one another to learn perseverance! If you’re teaching GROWTH MINDSET this is a perfect bulletin for you!

Classroom Management

Interactive bulletin boards also help with classroom management. They help establish routine and provide structure to their activities. After modeling and practice, students will be able to complete interactive activities with the displays on their own. They will understand the expectations, supplies needed, process and activity. This is a major time saver!

For example, this “Word of the Week” bulletin board allows you to help build student vocabularies with manageable actions. All you have to do is change the word each week! Students will learn how to access the activities, what to do, when and how to turn it in, etc!

Build Skills

Interactive bulletin boards are also meant to do what all instruction is: build students’ skills. Each display in your room should have a purpose, like previously mentioned. This purpose can be carried out through skill application. The more opportunities students have to apply a skill, the more experience they will build with that skill.

Like with the previous board, it provides opportunities to build vocabulary skills. Other boards may offer opportunities to practice math or writing skills, may have students working with science content, etc.  OR the board may challenge a student to read different types of literature, like this “Reading Literature Challenge Board”


Many students in your classes will also benefit from opportunities for enrichment. Bulletin boards offer the perfect location for that. Students can learn how and when they can access the activities on the board.

For example, students may have mastered a concept or skill and need an activity that challenges them. (P.S. All students benefit from challenges. Even if they haven’t mastered a specific skill). They approach the board, choose their task and begin working on it. They complete the activity at their own pace, as it is only worked on during specific times (which have been outlined when you taught them how to use the board). This allows you to work with students, and still be confident the early finishers are challenged and on task.

The “Creative Writing Bingo” is great for early finishers or for students who need to be challenged to writing different types of texts! This bulletin board encourages students to think critically and creatively as they work towards a goal of getting 5-in-a-row! With 25 innovative, unique creative writing prompts, students will fall in love with the art of writing. Also, it’s a huge statement piece in a classroom– with bright, high-quality stock images to draw your students’ attention!

Creative Writing BINGO Interactive Bulletin Board EDITABLE: Extreme Makeover


The last reason I am going to talk about is reinforcement. Interactive bulletin boards are great for reinforcement of skills and concepts because students will be coming back to them again and again. They will build their experience with the skills or activities that are associated with the board. This will help reinforce their understanding and build their confidence.

Each of the boards above has the ability to reinforce concepts. As, I am sure, many of your interactive boards do, too! If you have interactive bulletin board ideas to share, feel free to comment below!!


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