The BEST Custom Stamp for Teachers

Hello teachers!

I can’t believe Back to School is already here! I hope that y’all were able to relax and do something fun over the summer.

Now that it is back to early mornings and alarm clocks, I would imagine a few more coffees are being brewed around your house. A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to flip a lounge for a very deserving group of teachers. If you followed along with our makeover, you know that we transformed the teacher’s lounge into a coffee shop.

It was such a blast turning this space into something the teacher’s wanted, NEEDED and deserved. Fit with coffee shop tables, a zen zone and, of course, a fancy coffee machine!

I knew that the teachers would want an easy way to fill up and go, so I supplied the coffee bar with simple white to-go cups and lids. But, I wanted the cups to also send a message to the teachers. SayaBell Stamps offered the perfect solution! She custom made a stamp for me with this fitting message-TEACHER FUEL: the influence of a good teacher can never be erased.

The high quality, rubber stamp was so easy to use. It works with any stamp pad and created a beautiful, even print on each of the coffee collars. Click here to get your own custom SayaBell Stamp, too! And now, teachers will get a spark of energy from the coffee AND from the message!


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