DIY Winter Hats & Gloves Craft for Elementary

Hi teachers,

I’m back again with another fun DIY student craft inspired by OOLY products! This time, students will design their own hat and mittens to turn into festive garland that will brighten anyone’s mood, no matter where they’re displayed in you classroom. I especially love this craft because it allows for creativity, and it doesn’t center only one holiday, but rather the season of winter.

This craftivity is surprisingly simple. Below, I’ve listed the items needed and linked a FREE template for the winter hat and mittens.

Supplies needed:


  1. Print off the number of hat/mitten sets you’ll need for each student in your class.
  2. Prompt students to use their OOLY Smooth Stix and watercolor pods to design and decorate a matching set! Encourage students to be creative and make their hat and gloves unique.
  3. Cut out the hate/mittens.
  4. Attach the chunky yarn to the bottom of the hat and add the mittens.
  5. Using a hole punch, put a hole in the top of each hat and create garland with the chunky yarn.
  6. Display beautifully in your classroom space!

I hope you’re loving these fun winter crafts! If you’re looking for holiday gifts or stocking stuffers, be sure to check out OOLY’s amazing collection to inspire kids to find a love for art.


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