DIY Classroom Decor Paper Fans Using OOLY

Hello teachers!

As you know, I love ALL THINGS classroom design and décor. For years, I’ve been hosting classroom makeovers for incredible teachers all around the United States, and I love including unique DIY projects like the one I’ll be sharing here. I’ve teamed up with OOLY to design these watercolor paper fans that you can easily create with your students and display around your classroom!

What do you need to create these beautiful, hand-crafted paper fans with your students? Check the supply list below.

  1. Watercolor paper— I used OOLY’s Chroma Blends Watercolor paper and it worked beautifully. Find it HERE!
  2. Watercolor paints— I used OOLY’s Watercolor Pods and am obsessed with the quality of color. Find it HERE!
  3. Watercolor brush markers — I used OOLY’s Chroma Blends Watercolor Brush Markers and they helped make the fans stand out. Find it HERE!
  4. Watercolor mechanical pencils— I used OOLY’s Chroma Blends Mechanical Watercolor pencils for fine details. Find it HERE! 
  5. Paint brushes– I used OOLY’s lil’ Paint Brush Set. Find it HERE!
  6. Scissors
  7. Glue (I used hot glue and would suggest making the paper fans for your students before hand if hot glue is not an option)
  8. String
  9. Beads (optional)
  10. Hole punch
  11. Water for blending and rinsing

Now that you’ve gathered your supplies, it’s time to start crafting! Follow these simple directions to get the most out of your paper fan experience.

  • Set up stations in your classroom with watercolor paints, paint brushes, paper, glue and water in cups for rinsing.
  • Fold four (4) pieces of the watercolor paper in an accordion fold and glue them together.
  • Prompt students to blend colors and decorate their paper fans.
  • On the back side of one of accordion fold, create a hole punch and attach the string for hanging.
  • If using beads, ask students to add their beads and tie a knot at the top of the string.

I would strongly suggest giving students creative freedom and allowing them to design a paper fan that represents them. This is a great way to include your students’ work around the classroom so that they can make the space truly their own. Try encouraging students to try a mixture of watercolor paints, watercolor pencils, and watercolor paint pens for the optimal experience!

If you’re looking for all of the materials I used in one location, you can check them out HERE on OOLY’s website. They truly have the best art supplies for kids. The quality is unmatched and the options are endless! How can you make these paper fans unique to your students?

I’d love to see your creations! Tag us on Instagram: @thesuperheroteacher and @weareooly

Have fun crafting!


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