Teaching Students About Advocacy (FREE Activity Included)

Hey teachers!

If you’re reading this, it means you’re ready to help your students become a stronger advocate and ally. That can be a challenge, but it’s so important, which is why I developed this free activity for you! All you need to do is gather your supplies for students to create their own advocacy bracelets and start a discussion with your students about what characteristics create an ally. Students might come up with words like: courage, strength, dedication, etc.

Once your students create their lists, ask them to choose 1-3 words that represent themselves as an advocate! Encourage them to create their bracelet and wear it as a reminder that they, too, can be an advocate and ally for their peers.

Teaching students how to be an advocate and ally 🏳️‍🌈 can be engaging and creative with this activity!

Be sure to grab all of your favorite multi-colored and alphabet beads for kids at your local Michaels stores for this project with your students! If you do this activity, tag me on Instagram @thesuperheroteacher. I’d love to see it!

Click HERE to download the FREE printable.


Brittany Jeltema
The SuperHERO Teacher


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