Progress Over Perfection Classroom Poster (FREE)

Progress Over Perfection

This concept took me a long time to understand and I still struggle with it today. As someone who puts a ton of pressure on herself, it’s important for me to slow down and recognize the progress I’ve made, too. I think a lot of students feel the same way. They feel the weight of school, sports, and life after graduation on their shoulders and forget to see how they’ve evolved.

And I KNOW teachers feel this way. There are unrealistic expectations to be the perfect teacher. But here’s the thing– you know you’re making improvements each year, your students know you’re making improvements each year, and your friends/family know you’re making improvements each year… the rest is just noise. Especially this year.

So this is for the teachers, the students, and the staff who need help seeing the beauty in their progress. Cheers!

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