FREE Reading Literature Challenge for Students

Hey teachers,
As a way to thank you for all of your support, I designed this free reading literature challenge for students. I hope you find them as engaging as many other students have! These reading challenge task cards are a unique way to inspire students to read something NEW. For example, one of the task cards asks students to read a novel that was written at least 100 years before they were born! Most students wouldn’t think to seek out a book so “ancient”.

Q: How should I display these task cards in my classroom?
A: I would suggest displaying these task cards near your classroom library. They can serve as a go-to point for students who are looking for their next literary adventure!

Q: How should I grade these task cards?
A: Personally, I wouldn’t grade the task cards. Instead, try using them as more of a literary guide or suggestion for students. However, if you wish to grade them, you can use a simple rubric or offer extra credit to students who complete them in entirety.


Thanks for being amazing! You’re doing a great job this year.


  • Hi Brittany! Thank you for what you do and all the great ideas you share with us! These are super helpful and easy to work with!

    • You’re welcome!! Thank you for the sweet comment.

    • Hi Jayne! Sorry about that. I just updated the blog post with the link! 🙂

    • Hi Anna,
      You’re so welcome! Enjoy.


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