FREE Goal Setting Resource for Students

I love teaching about the goal setting process. In my opinion, it’s one of the most important skills a student can have! With that in mind, I created this free goal setting resource for students! Feel free to download it and use it in your classroom.

Click HERE to download the free resource

Simple Steps:

  1. Print, laminate (optional), and cut out the desired number of tic-tac-toe boards. TIP: If you laminate them, you only need to create a class set and they will last forever!
  2. Prepare your students for the activity. Explain that you want them to begin setting goals, both personal and school related, for the new year. Explain the importance of goal setting and how to successfully achieve a goal.
  3. Give each student a tic-tac-toe board.
    • OPTION ONE: Tell students to complete the board like a regular tic-tac-toe game. They have to complete and document three in a row (vertically, horizontally, etc.). I would suggest requiring the middle square or writing a goal together before the game.
    • OPTION TWO: Blackout Board. Students must complete and document the entire board. Once they’ve completed all the steps, they can receive full credit.
    • OPTION THREE: Use as extra credit. Either offer the blackout board as extra credit, or explain that each square is 1 point each.



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