Using Mirror Talk to Spark Growth Mindset, Positivity, and Confidence in Students

Mirror Talks for Mental Health

Do your students need an activity that will help build their confidence? Improve their self-esteem? Encourage a growth-mindset? This is exactly why I have created the Mirror Talk Activity.

An alarming number of students experience feelings of self-doubt, anxiety and even depression. The children of the world, today, are faced with more societal pressures than ever before and it is taking a toll on their mental health. For this reason, I feel that it is important to teach our students mental health strategies in addition to reading, writing, math, etc.

The Power of Positivity

The Mirror Talk is an activity where students choose a statement. They face themselves in the mirror and repeat the statement, like a mantra. This activity will allow students (and even teachers) to look themselves in the eyes while stating positive messages. Over time, the experience can greatly affect a person’s mindset. It builds trust and experience in self-love and provides and outlet for feelings of doubt.

Example: A student is entering the classroom. They had a difficult morning. They see the mirror and realize that they can turn their day around with a few simple steps. The student approaches the mirror and takes the card that says “I am strong.” They read the quote on the back of the card to themselves. Then, they face the mirror, look into their own eyes and repeat the mantra, “I am strong, I am strong, I am strong.” This student has not only taken action to alleviate a problem they were facing, but they have also spoken positively to themselves. Two steps that will have astounding positive effects.

This is the perfect activity for students to complete when they enter the classroom. However, they can also do this before a test, in the middle of a difficult activity or anytime throughout the day when they need a little mental health boost. All students will benefit from this practice, not just the students who experience negative feelings and emotions.

Building Positive Experience

Another example: A student receives their test scores back and sees that they have scored higher than they thought they would. They are happy. They are excited. They go to the mirror, choose the card that says, “I can do hard things,” or “I am smart,” and they read the quote on the back. They look at themselves in the mirror and repeat their mantra. They are building on an experience that was already positive.

Set Up

All you need is a mirror! I like to include this activity in each Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition because it can be for anyone. I have 20 designs, so you are bound to find one that fits your classroom theme/design. And, like I said, all you need is a mirror. We love shopping at thrift stores or Facebook Marketplace for mirrors!

The activity is printable and they can be laminated or simply hung on the wall surrounding the mirror. You can attach them with Velcro, magnets, clips, pins, etc. After showing the students the appropriate way to use the activity, it is self-managed. So, there is no further work for you!

Make It Personal

You and your students can even contribute to the mantras! Do you have a class motto? Or a school code? Do you and your students want to personalize the Mirror Talk cards? Well, you can! Each Mirror Talk comes with an editable PowerPoint version! You can add as many personalized cards as you would like!!

I hope you enjoy using this activity as much as I do! Happy Teaching!


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