Teaching The Giver by Lois Lowry Using a Novel Workbook

Using Novel Studies in Your Classroom

Do you use novel studies in your classroom? Today, I am going to write about another one of the  interactive novel workbooks that are available for you and your students. Novel workbooks are an alternative to traditional novel studies. They are going to provide your students with the opportunity to challenge their thinking, build their literacy skills, and become more well-rounded readers.

Teaching The Giver

The Giver is one of those novels that has a big impact on students. This is the story of a young boy, Jonas, who lives in a dystopian society. The world he lives in has converted everyone to “Sameness” by taking away pain and strife. Jonas is meant to become the Receiver of Memory, the person who stores memories from the past before Sameness. His training brings him face to face with emotions he hasn’t had the opportunity to feel before. He faces concepts of good and evil, equality and individuality and so much more.

Teaching the concepts that are present throughout the novel can be difficult without intentional activities an discussions. So, this novel study was built to provide opportunities for this learning.

The Giver  is a great novel to study because it is full of metaphorical themes. Themes that are present in the community itself, Jonas’ parents and the many choices that are faced throughout. Character development is strong in this story, as well. Jonas starts a boy, afraid and unexperienced. He develops into a courageous young man willing to fight against all odds in order to save his community.

Digging Deep with The Giver Workbook

Similar to the other novel workbooks I have created, this workbook has been designed to meet each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Students will be able to really dig deep into understanding the novel with activities under each of the following sections: Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate and Create. Below are *some* of the ideas to incorporate from each section of the The Giver Workbook!

Remember: Have students work independently or as groups to understand each chapter. Questions that correlate with each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, as well as, vocabulary and figurative language will help enhance their literacy skills.

Understand: Have students dive into the plot with the Extended Plot Structure Activity or have students dig deeper with the Age Ceremony Graphic Organizer.

Apply: Think about the importance of individuality and diversity with the Power of Color writing activity.

Analyze: Have students investigate the meaning of family and hope with a Letter to Gabriel. 

Evaluate: The Great Debate! Have students form arguments and defend their positions with the Love is All You Need activity.

Create: Celebrate differences with the bulletin board project or dig deeper into Memory Transfer with a project and essay!

The activities and lessons that come with this novel study will provide students with an interactive, hands-on approach to reading. They will be reading, writing, illustrating, creating, speaking, researching, discussing and so, so much more!

If you think your students would love studying The Giver, click here!


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