The Best Lifestyle Planner & Bullet Journal for Teachers

Improving YOU with a Lifestyle Planner

With the end of the year quickly approaching, I am already beginning to get really excited about 2020! Did I just say 2020??!

This time of year is exciting for so many reasons, but one of them is that we can reflect on our year and begin to set goals and aspirations for the next one. This past year, I would say that I saw more growth and accountability in myself than I have ever before. I am happier and healthier than I have ever been, physically, mentally and emotionally. And, I can honestly attribute a lot of my success to a change in my daily habits.

I began setting goals and tracking my habits with a lifestyle planner and bullet journal! This resources combines everything great about a planner with everything great about a bullet journal! It allows for creativity, productivity, reflection, growth and SO MUCH MORE!

Organizing Your Life

Are you ready to have your best year yet?!

I was inspired to make this lifestyle planner + bullet journal when I realized I needed to take control of my life! I knew that I needed something that would help me with more than just planning my daily activities. I wanted to focus on all aspects of my well-being– mentally, emotionally, physically and nutritionally. When I set out to find something that would help me organize and track all of these highly important parts of my life, I couldn’t find something that was just right. So, I created it.

Please note, this is not your typical teacher planner. You won’t be recording your daily tasks or making to-do lists that run on forever. Instead, you’ll be focusing on Y O U.  One of the reasons I like this journal so much, is because it allows me to be both productive and creative! It is designed like a bullet journal with the prompts and trackers already outlined! Taking 5-10 minutes each day will allow you to create consistency, which will lead to productivity and eventually, good actions will become habit. 

The journal is going to be a one-stop shop to organizing everything in your daily life. There is a traditional calendar included, so that you can keep all of your organization in one place, but the main things you will be focus on are: setting and tracking personal goals, taking control of your finances, creating healthy habits, learning to love yourself and more. 


Let’s take a closer look!

Inside the planner, there are cover pages for each of the 10 sections, planner tabs, and motivational quotes to inspire you throughout. Within each section, are several goal and habit trackers that will help you improve in that area. The sections include:

  1. Discovering YOU
    • Defining your personal mantra
    • Year-end review
    • Visualize & sketch your year
    • 21 days to healthy habits
    • Discover your passions
    • Weaknesses & fears
    • Quotes to define the year
    • Words that describe me
    • Discovering priorities
    • Reflecting on priorities
  2. Setting goals
    • Setting goals & crushing them
    • Intentional living
    • Logging short term goals
    • Logging long term goals
    • Setting mini-goals
    • “When did I last…”
    • Daily goal tracker
    • Goal visualization
    • Current trends documentation
  3. Personal growth:
    • Things you can control
    • Behavior tracking
    • Behavior tracking analysis
    • My core values
    • Stress relief toolkit
    • Removing negativity
    • Take control
    • You are enough
    • Top 10
  4. Mental Health:
    • Recognizing thoughts
    • Mental health check
    • 30 minute self-care challenge
    • Mood tracker
    • 25 day meditation challenge
    • Happiness in a frame
  5. Self-love:
    • Defining self-love
    • Self-care menu
    • Self-tending
    • Grateful beyond measure
    • Self love playlist
    • Sticky note quotes
    • Compliment log
    • Weekly brain dump
  6. Physical health
    • Initial statistics
    • Your fitness type quiz
    • Forget the scale
    • Monthly measurements
    • Weekly workout tracker
    • Amp up your playlist
    • At-home gym
    • Road to success
    • Sleep tracker
  7. Food & nutrition
    • Nutrition tracker
    • Nutritional advice
    • 10″ portion plate
    • What’s for dinner?
    • Meal prep
    • Shopping list
    • Hydration tracker bookmarks
  8. Recreation & relationships
    • Books to read
    • Movies to see
    • Travel diary
    • Where’s next?
    • Say YES to new things
    • Making connections
    • Date yourself
  9. Financial freedom
    • Spending habits
    • 2019 savings
    • SMART saving
    • Monthly budget tracker
    • A year of saving
    • The month of no spending
  10. Career & passions
    • Career history
    • Strengths & weaknesses
    • Career wishlist
    • Professional development
    • Mood scantron
    • Letter to yourself

My hope is that I can help you do the same through organization and tracking. Just taking a look at this lifestyle planner + bullet journal is the first step to you improving your life. You are clearly motivated, so now it’s just taking the first steps to conquering your goals and achieving personal growth!


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