5 Reasons why Spoonflower has the BEST Removable Wallpaper

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If you have followed along on my classroom flipping journey, you know that I love using a statement mural or wallpaper! Wallpaper can completely transform a space and over the years, I have used several different brands. For the most recent Teachers’ Lounge Flip, we used beautiful, high-quality wallpaper from Spoonflower! And let me tell you, it was INCREDIBLE!

If you are also on the hunt for a beautiful, removable wallpaper, here are 5 reasons you should choose Spoonflower.

1: CUSTOM, CUSTOM, CUSTOM: Spoonflower has a variety of beautiful designs to choose from! But, unlike other wallpaper companies, Spoonflower also allows you to upload your own design! You can have a completely customized wallpaper!

For me, this was so much fun! I knew that I wanted a cozy, black and white coffee shop feel. I found several designs that would have worked, but I had such a specific vision in my head. (I am not a control freak…repeat 3 times).

So, I found a stock image that gave me all the cozy, coffee shop feels, uploaded it to the Spoonflower design program and VOILA! The *perfect* wallpaper for the Coffee Shop Teacher’s Lounge!

2: QUALITY: Most removable wallpaper is printed on a thin, vinyl or paper material. This makes for easy ripping and warping. Spoonflower’s high-quality wallpaper is made on a thick, durable, polyester textile. All of the materials are PVC free and printed with bleed-free, eco-friendly inks.

3: EASY-APPLICATION: Because the wallpaper is made with a high-quality textile, it is extremely easy to get the job done right! Adhesive backing allows you to line up your wallpaper roll and simply pull back a portion to adhere the top of the wall. Once you have your wallpaper in place at the top of your wall, the process is as simple as pull and smooth. You will slowly pull the adhesive backing down as you smooth the roll along the wall. Stop every 6 inches or so and use the smoothing tool to get work the bubbles to the edge of the paper.  

Because the wall paper is completely customizable, you will be able to choose the EXACT length that you need. No need for cutting and realigning each strip! So, after strip number one, you are ready to line up number two! Spoonflower has made this part so easy with labeled edges on your wallpaper! The lined edge will allow you to overlap the right amount of wallpaper in each strip, while perfectly aligning the print or pattern! Simply continue the process until your wall is covered!

4: ECO-FRIENDLY: Spoonflower has a commitment to sustainability. The use a holistic approach to printing that has led to a low-environmental impact. First, they use a pigment printing process that reduces the use of water, materials and energy. Secondly, they reduce their fabric waste by using on-demand printing (and recycle/reuse all fabric waste). Thirdly, they use ethically sourced materials from a small group of trusted vendors.

Did you know that the textile industry is the #2 polluter of freshwater in the world? Spoonflower uses *less than a thimble full of water to produce 5 yards of fabric, compared to 200 Liters of water for the typical textile company. Check out more information on their commitment to sustainability on their website!

5: MORE THAN JUST WALLPAPER: Spoonflower will even print your designs on fabric and other products, so that you can carry your theme and vision even further! Like the wallpaper, there are designs that you can choose from, or you can upload your custom design! Dinner napkins, tablecloths, pillows, bedding and MORE!  They donated these adorable alphabet pillows for the space, too!

 So, there you have it. If you’re looking to transform a space in your home or work space, Spoonflower is the place to go!

Share your transformations with me @thesuperheroteacher on Instagram! I can’t wait to see your visions come to life!





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