Managing Time for Teachers: Stylish Watches for Time Management

Y’all! I know that I am not the only one who has felt like there is not enough time!! With the holidays ending and school getting crazy busy before spring break and the end of the school year, I can’t help but think of all of the things that teachers need to get done.

As teachers, AND NATURAL GO-GETTERS we always have something else on the to-do list. As soon as one thing is crossed off, 15 more things magically appear. Amiright? So, I thought I’d hop on here and talk about managing time: the most important skill in a teacher’s toolbelt! (and brag a little bit about my FAVORITE watch company, JORD Watches, because they provide a stylish opportunity for teachers to manage their time).

If you know a little bit about me, you know that I strongly believe in goal-setting and LISTS. When your time is spent with intention, it is less likely to be wasted. That is why I am SO EXCITED to be teaming up with JORD watches for a GIVEAWAY! You could win one of my FAVORITE time-management tools: my JORD Sier watch!

Here’s how you can enter:

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When I was teaching, I began and ended each day with a GOALS list. In the morning, I’d look at the list that I had made the day before, setting my intention for the day. At the end of the day, before I left to head home, I would check myself. What had I accomplished? What was still on the list for tomorrow? Where could I have used my time better?

I learned that just scratching down: “Respond to Emails or Grade Crucible Quizzes” was still leaving me with a lot of things on my “end of the day” list. I would allow pockets of my day to be wasted. So, I started setting a time limit (or approximate time period) for each task on my list.
My lists started to look something like this:

  • Respond to e-mails (30 minutes)
  • Design focus wall (2 hours)
  • Call suppliers to confirm delivery (1 hour)
    • Lowe’s (10:00-10:15)
    • World Market (11:30-11:40)
    • Wayfair (11:40-11:50)
    • IKEA (11:50-12:00)
  • Work on World History Bell Ringer Journal (1 hour)

Knowing how much time you intend to spend on a task helps you place those tasks within time slots in your day. Seeing that a task may only take 3-5 minutes reminds you that you can plug that task in between class periods or in the last 5 minutes of your lunch period. Make a phone call on your drive, organize your materials as the students are packing up or completing a bell ringer.

Adding those time limits, and even what part of your day to do them will be a HUGE help in managing your time AND keeping a work/life balance. And another simple, but effective tip: WEAR A WATCH. You can’t always rely on your phone as a time management tool. Let’s honest, it’s your number one distraction tool!

I am currently OBSESSED with JORD’s Sier watch line. The design is chic and classic. This watch will elevate any outfit you wear it with. Look at that rose gold frame and thin leather band! SWOON!

So, ladies and gentlemen: improve your time-management skills!
Make a list.
Create time slots for each task.
Stick to your times. Check your JORD Sier watch (oh, and you can get it engraved!)
Always work with intention!

Do you time-management tips, too? Comment below with your favorite way to keep your tasks on track!
All the best,
Brittany Wheaton
The SuperHERO Teacher



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