Informational Text Journal: 30+ Articles and Activities for Grades 4-5


This resource is designed to help students strengthen their reading, writing, and analyzing skills. The journal is designed with 30+ unique informational text articles written by me, The SuperHERO Teacher! Each article is paired with comprehension questions and a hands-on, interactive project or activity.



This resource includes:

-30+ original informational text articles written by The SuperHERO Teacher. These articles cover a variety of different topics and are designed to be read and completed within a 25-30 minute time period.

-Appropriate for grades 4-5 with Lexile levels: 940-1200

-Corresponding questions and activities for all of the articles included.

-Hands-on, interactive projects/activities

-Annotating the text source for students to refer back to as they complete the articles and activities.

-Cornell notes template for students if needed.

-Table of contents and detailed student directions on each activity page.

-Engaging, colorful graphics that can easily be printed in grayscale.

-100% editable version included

Benefits & Uses

-Teachers can use this resource to create a routine with students by assigning one article a week OR teachers can assign them as an informational text skill builder.

-Most of the activities can be completed in one or two class periods.

-Each of the articles provide the opportunity for excellent classroom discussions.

-These unique articles were written for the sole purpose of building students’ analyzing and comprehension skills.

***These make excellent sub plans as well!

Is this appropriate for 5th graders?

If your students are at or above 5th grade reading levels, I would say yes, you can use this journal. However, if you have a lot of struggling readers, this may not be the best option! 🙂

Article Titles & Topics

-Five Seconds: (texting and driving)

1’s and 0’s: (computer coding)

Around the World: (USPS)

Autumn Vibes: (seasons changing)

The Robot Chauffeur: (autonomous vehicles)

Bullying Unveiled: (bullying & consequences)

Emergency!: (paramedics and first responders)

Fiona the Hippo: (a hippo’s story from the Cincinnati Zoo)

Women in STEM: (opportunities for women in STEM)

Fireplugs: (fire hydrants and their purpose)

Here to Stay: (the selfie epidemic)

Holidays Around the World: (traditions & holidays)

Is it Real?: (virtual reality)

Living Giants: (Sequoia National Park)

Mind Rehearsal: (visualization)

Mnemonics: (memorization techniques)

Podcast Host: (podcasts & benefits)

Point & Shoot: (photography)

Reuse it OR Lose it: (recycling)

Rails-to-Trails: (bike trails)

Run! Squat! Lift!: (importance of physical health)

Digital Pen: (writing an ebook)

At Your Service: (service animals)

Graphic Words: (emojis)

Spring Forward: (daylight savings)

The Doctor in In: (Dr. Seuss biography)

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Bot: (computer viruses)

The Jewel of the Sky: (hummingbirds)

The Next Great Idea: (patents)

The Sole of the Feet: (the shoe making process)

Letter Analysis: (handwriting)

NOTE: For the editable version, you’ll need to purchase PB Coffee Shop font from Perfect Blend of Teaching.

Other FREE fonts used:

KG Why You Gotta Be So Mean

Century Gothic

+++ Comprehension questions & projects included for each article +++

lease download the preview for more information. The preview provides images of the informational text journal pages in action.

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NOTE: All resources are digital downloads designed to be printed and distributed by the teacher. You will not receive a physical hard copy of the product. This saves in shipping costs and allows teachers the flexibility to assign the materials when convenient for them. Enjoy!

3 reviews for Informational Text Journal: 30+ Articles and Activities for Grades 4-5

  1. Kaleigh S.

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE!!! I use these for morning work every Friday and it really helps my kids use context clues and strategies to comprehend the text.

  2. Claire A.

    This resource is just incredible! I can’t begin to tell you the time you have saved me preparing for my reading groups, this changes everything. You always produce high quality, interesting and deeply loved resources. Thank you so much!

  3. Highly Spirited

    I would rate this product even higher than an A if at all possible. I use this during RTI and the kids absolutely love the material!

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