Growth Mindset BUNDLE for Teens: All Components Social Emotional Learning


Growth Mindset MEGA bundle- Includes two (2) bulletin boards, growth mindset portfolio, growth journal, and bell ringers for teens


Growth Mindset MEGA bundle- Includes two (2) bulletin boards, growth mindset portfolio, growth journal, and bell ringers for teens

This interactive bulletin board is designed to allow students to display their growth mindset moments. A “mindset moment” is an experience someone has in which he or she uses growth mindset to overcome obstacles–leading to success!

For example : Even though Kate had previously failed her Algebra II tests, she passed her final exam because she put forth extra effort. She went to tutoring 3 days a week after school and designed flash cards to help her remember important formulas.

These moments deserve to be celebrated! With this bulletin board, students can do just that! They can tell their peers about their mindset moment & why they deserve the success.

This product includes:
✏ “Mindset Moments” letters in color
✏ “Mindset Moment” student completion worksheet
✏ 15 different center options in blue, green, and pink
✏ 4 center options without glitter available
Growth Mindset Bulletin Board: Interactive

This bulletin board is interactive and its purpose is to encourage students to spread growth mindset, encouraging quotes amongst each other. I’ve provided the initial 36 quotes as well as blank templates. When a student takes a quote, he or she gets to keep that quote, reflect on it and apply it to their life. Here’s the interactive part: if they take a quote, they must replace the quote with their OWN quote. By the end of the semester, students will be exchanging constant words of motivation.

Students will be helping each other develop a growth mindset! With this bulletin board, students can help their peers by writing encouraging words and collaborating with their classmates.

This product includes:
✏ “Growth Mindset” letters in color
✏ 6 pockets labeled: motivation, confidence, failure, perseverance, effort, and attitude
✏ 36 quotes in task card format (6 per pocket) and blank templates for students
✏ A variety of unique graphics to decorate your bulletin board
✏ Directions for students and teacher

This interactive portfolio for middle and high school students is filled with a variety of different lessons to inform and encourage students to understand the importance of growth mindset vs fixed mindset. With more than 70 pages, this portfolio is sure to provide you and your students with the necessary lessons and activities to master the idea behind growth mindset.

The portfolio is broken into six (6) specific categories including:
-Introduction to the brain and mindset (fixed vs growth mindset)
-Failure, effort, and success
-The keys to motivation
-Developing identity
-Critical thinking & leadership
-Assessment & reflection CAPSTONE project

Within these categories are a variety of informative and interactive activities in relation to growth mindset including:

– What is MINDSET guided notes
– Determining MINDSET pre-assessment
– Fixed VS Growth Mindset interactive
– The brain & mindset worksheet
– Left VS right brain activity
– The brain & mindset interactive
– Famous failures activity
– Learning from failure interactive
– Pessimism vs Optimism interactive
– Understanding motivation guided notes
– Understanding perseverance guided notes
– Perseverance task cards
– Motivation task cards
– What is the attribution theory?
– Building confidence whole-class activity
– Building confidence reflection piece
– The importance of identity
– Developing personal identity focus lesson with charts
– Identity statement activity
– Skills for critical thinking
– Café conversation task cards
– Skills for leadership
– Leadership mission statement whole-class activity
– Grading rubrics
– Growth mindset capstone with 4 key components: physical representation, research essay, personal reflection, and presentation (all with guidelines and rubrics).

This portfolio would take between 2-3 weeks to complete from start to finish, depending on how much time you give students in class to work on the interactive notebook, lessons, and activities.


Encourage your students to persevere by gifting them this journal. The purpose of the journal is to help students achieve one specific goal in exactly one month! The journal includes 16 pages (32 pages once they are folded) with four weeks of progress tracking.

This journal includes the following components:
– Weekly tracking pages
– SMART goal planning
– Inspirational free-writing pages
– Plan of action setting
– Daily progress pages
– Reflection pieces

This journal is an excellent supplemental activity or lesson for students to complete during a growth mindset unit.

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NOTE: All resources are digital downloads designed to be printed and distributed by the teacher. You will not receive a physical hard copy of the product. This saves in shipping costs and allows teachers the flexibility to assign the materials when convenient for them. Enjoy!

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  1. The SuperHERO Teacher Brittany Wheaton

    “I love this resource so much. It is laid out nicely and my students enjoy that they can color in all of the patterns on the worksheets. It has helped them truly understand growth mindset!” -Spedtopia
    “Absolutely LOVE this. I was already teaching growth mindset to my 6th graders but this is helping me do it in a more well rounded way. I also like that it is helping me continue to work on the concept with them all year.” -Jessica C.

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