Transform Your Classroom: A 20+ Step Challenge for Teachers


I’ve received a ton of interest in my process for Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition and how to transform your learning space into a classroom that is open, inviting, and interactive for ALL students, which is why I created this 20+ step process. 

The purpose of this challenge is to help YOU achieve the classroom environment and atmosphere of your dreams. It’s possible–trust me! If you complete these 20+ interactive challenges, you will be well on your way to achieving it!

ALL of the challenges in this workbook are actionable and measurable– meaning I don’t just include my process, I give you the tools and steps to implement them. Whether you’re organizing your classroom or creating a vision board, the workbook is designed in a way that you can record and track your progress throughout the transformation!

This is the step-by-step process I go through before completing Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition. You’ll learn all of my tips, tricks, and secrets!


What’s included?
– Cover page
– Teacher directions
– Workbook tabs for organization
– A letter template to get your administration on board
– 20 challenges & 5 bonus challenges
– Tips, tricks, & exercises to achieve the perfect classroom atmosphere
– 6 extension videos where I go into more detail about the different challenges
– Binder and cabinet labels
– DIY cabinet label template
– Photo examples of the different challenges in action

What types of challenges are there?
Challenge 1: Time to Purge
Challenge 2: Organization
Challenge 3: Evaluate Your Room
Challenge 4: Map Your Timeline
Challenge 5: Determine Your Budget
Challenge 6: Getting Resources
Challenge 7: Shopping
Challenge 8: Selecting a Theme
Challenge 9: Vision Board
Challenge 10: Color Psychology
Challenge 11: Color Inspiration
Challenge 12: Diversify Your Décor
Challenge 13: Think & Shop BIG
Challenge 14: Flexible Seating
Challenge 15: Designing décor
Challenge 16: Interactive Bulletin Boards
Challenge 17: Before, During, & After Pictures
Challenge 18: Conducting Your Makeover
Challenge 19: Classroom Floorplan
Challenge 20: Classroom Essentials
+ 5 BONUS challenges


NOTE: All resources are digital downloads designed to be printed and distributed by the teacher. You will not receive a physical hard copy of the product. This saves in shipping costs and allows teachers the flexibility to assign the materials when convenient for them. Enjoy!




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