Motivate Students with a Lifestyle Planner & Bullet Journal: Goal Setting, Career Readiness & Growth Mindset

Using a Lifestyle Planner to Motivate Students

Are you looking for a tool that will improve your students’ drive? Teach them about self-confidence? Help them reflect? Motivate them to take action? If so, I have just the thing for you: The Lifestyle Planner + Bullet Journal for Teens.

Students have the ability set goals, but sometimes they don’t know how to follow through. A student’s teenage years are so important to their development in these areas. If they learn them early enough, these skills will become lifelong habits.

Like the Lifestyle Planner and Bullet Journal that I created for teachers, this resource has pre-designed pages that prompt users to self-reflect, set goals and track their habits. This resources allows for individuality and creativity, all while providing a vehicle for productivity and success.

The Teenage Years. This is when students will begin the process of future planning and goal setting.  If they begin to learn positive habits during this stage, they will be able to carry them on throughout their lifetime.

This lifestyle planner and bullet journal was designed to motivate and support students. The content and activities will allow for goal setting and tracking, future planning and the opportunity for honest self-reflection.

Let’s take a closer look!

Inside the planner, there are cover pages for each section, planner tabs, and motivational quotes to inspire you throughout.

There are 5 sections in the journal:

  1. Discovering your MINDSET
  2. Career readiness
  3. Goal setting
  4. Self-love
  5. Recreation and fun

Several activities are dedicated to students’ career visions! Having a vision for their future will allow students to narrow their goals to specific actionable steps!

Self-Love and Motivation will be other major themes of the lessons and activities. These are such important things to teach our students!

The Power of Yet

One thing that I kept in mind while creating this resource was the impact of a growth mindset and Carol Dwek’s Power of Yet. While students use the activities to track habits, they will be able to see progress instead of perfection. They will be able to understand the importance of consistency and see their achievements happening over time. They will learn that not all milestones occur at the end of a goal. Sometimes, we need to celebrate smaller milestones in order to reach that end goal.

This planner is the perfect addition to any high school classroom or even high school counselor’s curriculum. It is going to help your students become leaders of their own journey, hold them accountable for their actions and teach them to feel success in their daily habits.

Activities Inside the Planner

  • Locker notes
  • Mindset moments
  • Continuous growth mountain
  • Fixed vs growth mindset activity
  • Mindset mantra
  • Core values
  • Words that describe me
  • Ladder to success
  • The power of YET
  • Setting goals & crushing them
  • GOAL getter graphic organizer
  • Visualize and sketch
  • Intentional living: short term and long term SMART goals
  • Bright ideas (right)
  • My career vision (right)
  • My career path
  • Career wishlist
  • Life savings
  • Saving smart
  • Educational strengths and weaknesses
  • Defining self-love
  • Letter to future students
  • Lightbox quote activity
  • Self-love vision board
  • Fears turned to strengths
  • Top 10
  • Mental health check
  • Self-care challenge
  • Mood tracker
  • Self-tending
  • Bathroom quotes
  • Compliment log
  • #vacationGOALS
  • Hobbies to careers
  • Visualize graphic organizer
  • Grateful beyond measure
  • Books to read
  • Movies to see
  • Self-love playlist
  • Where to travel next
  • Making connections
  • Dear future me…

I was inspired to make this lifestyle planner + bullet journal for students after creating the version for teachers. This journal has some of the same templates as the other journal, but most importantly, there’s 15 unique pages specifically for students! The pages will help them set goals, prepare for their future, and develop a growth mindset.

My hope is that I can help your students set and reach their potential! This resource makes a PERFECT beginning OR end of year activity! Simply print the resource, allow students to select their cover page and then watch your students’ minds grow!


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