How to Teach Tuck Everlasting Using Hands-On, Interactive Activities

Novel Studies that Promote Higher Order Thinking

It’s time for another interactive novel study!

By now, I’m sure you know just how much I love using novels to teach authentic literacy skills. I have talked about using Wonder and The One and Only Ivan in your elementary and intermediate classrooms. Today, I am going to talk about another intermediate gem, Tuck Everlasting. 

Tuck Everlasting was one of my favorite books growing up. The magic, the sense of family and protection, the internal conflict of Winnie’s choice…what is not to love? Tuck Everlasting is the perfect novel to break down and practice skill application. Using the The Tuck Everlasting Novel Study, you can work with your students to deepen their understanding of plot, themes, characterization, and so much more.

Teaching Tuck Everlasting

Winnie Foster may have felt like running away from home. She may have disliked the rules and monotony of her everyday life. But, what would she think when she was faced with extraordinary circumstances?

When teaching a novel like Tuck Everlasting, you will need to be prepared for thought-provoking questions. Students will be given the opportunity to develop their own stances on difficult topics and ideals. Like the others, this  novel study includes a daily bell ringer where students are prompted to think and respond to ideas that are present throughout the story. This is a great place to go when you want to start a group discussion, too!

This novel study will also provide you and your students with a variety of activities and projects that encourage higher order thinking and creativity.

Digging Deep with the Tuck Everlasting Workbook

As I previously mentioned, this workbook includes SO MUCH MORE than comprehension questions and vocabulary. But, it does include that, too! The workbook has been designed to meet each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Students will be able to really dig deep into understanding the novel with activities under each of the following sections: Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate and Create. Below are *some* of the ideas to incorporate from each section of the Tuck Everlasting Workbook. 

Remember: Work on comprehension with questions for each chapter, leveled by Bloom’s Taxonomy. Build student language skills with chapter vocabulary and figurative language.

Understand: Have students dive into the plot! Use the Extended Plot Structure activity to activate students’ literacy skills!

Apply: Study the characters’ physical, mental and emotional characteristics. Examine Winnie, Mae, Angus, Jesse, Miles and the Man in the Yellow Suit with the Characterization Flipbook!

Analyze: Guide the students to write poetry with the “I am” activity or have them reflect on Winnie’s journey through letters, illustrations, music and more.

Evaluate: Challenge your students to deep discussion using the “Live Like You Were Dying” lyrics activity.

Create: Have students collaborate using the Make A Difference Group project or use independent Circle of Life or Message in a Bottle Activities.

The activities and lessons that come with this novel study will provide students with an interactive, hands-on approach to reading. They will be reading, writing, illustrating, creating, speaking, researching, discussing and so, so much more!

If you think your students are ready to really study a novel, give Tuck Everlasting a try! If you’d like to see more from my Tuck Everlasting Workbook, click here!



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