Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition: Traveling Crew & TpT Sellers

Hi everyone!
This process could not have been completed without a very
supportive and hard-working crew, friends, and incredible TpT sellers who were
willing to donate books for the classroom library.  I am so impressed and in awe of the people
who stepped up to make this process possible, and because of that, I am
dedicating this post to those individuals!

First, let me introduce you to my traveling crew: Alicia,
Jesse, and Roxanne (AKA mom).


On the left, you’ll see Roxanne.  Roxanne is the most generous and hard working
person I know and I’m proud to call her my mom.
I don’t know what I did to be blessed with such a wonderful mother and
best friend, but I am SO thankful.  She
was the “Vice President of Miscellaneous Things” which meant she literally did
a little bit of everything from cutting Velcro strips to driving 10 hours both
ways from Ohio to Minnesota.  The true
SuperHERO is my mom! I love you!
In the middle, you’ll see Jesse (we call him Yesse, but that’s
a story for another day).  He is also a
teacher and we started at the same school 4 years ago! Jesse was “The Builder Extraordinaire”
because for 2 days straight, he was building IKEA furniture and putting together
the awesome new desks for Megan’s classroom.
Despite the intense heat & lack of air conditioning, Jesse
persevered, lost 80 buckets of sweat, and built furniture with poise and
perfection! Just a week before this trip, he got back from traveling abroad for
a month, so I am thankful he was able to give up his sleep and rest to help
make this dream come true! Thanks, Yesse!


On the right, you’ll see Alicia, you may also know her as
Miss S’s Supports!  If you don’t follow
her on TpT already, you can click here! Alicia and I are co-teachers together
and she is quite possibly the kindest and most beautiful soul I know—she even
greeted ME with a gift, when in all actuality I should be giving HER the gifts
for helping!  Alicia was “The Creative Connoisseur”.  The name speaks for itself.  With Alicia’s help, we were able to visualize
the classroom, bulletin boards, and seating in such a way that only a creative
eye could! We put up both bulletin boards together and she saw things in a way
that I couldn’t even imagine!  Her
creativity transpires in her teaching and products, too!


In addition to my traveling crew, I am indebted to the TpT
sellers who donated on Go Fund Me.
Together, they all raised $600!!! That’s incredible!  That $600 helped purchase books and school
supplies for the students and Megan was so grateful for everything that went
into the classroom, thanks to these individuals!
To thank these sellers, I dedicated a book in each of their
names.  Below, you’ll see pictures of all
of the sellers to donated.  If you don’t
already follow them on TpT, Instagram and Facebook, I would strongly suggest
doing so!  I’ve linked their names
beneath the pictures!


Again, this experience wouldn’t be possible without these
amazing people.  Thank you all so much….
And as for my followers, thank YOU for encouraging me throughout the process!


The SuperHERO Teacher

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