Welcome to the FIRST annual Classroom Design + Environment Conference

Classroom Design + Environment

Let us help you create the perfect classroom atmosphere for you and your students.


From creating a safe and inclusive classroom to developing stunning classroom decor, you’ll learn it HERE!

all grade
levels + subjects


26 incredibly talented teachers will share their tips and tricks about classroom design, environment, atmosphere and flexible seating. These sessions were created for varying grade levels and subject areas so that all teachers can benefit!

VIRTUAL conference setting

At this virtual conference, you’ll be able to learn from the comfort of your own home! Each teacher-presenter will share their wisdom about all things classroom oriented. They will provide you the knowledge and tools needed to create a purposeful, aesthetically pleasing classroom environment that caters to each of your students!

ENGAGING sessions

Each session is 30-40 minutes long! They are quick, but effective. The presenters are energetic, informative and focused on helping YOU create the best space for you and your students. They are creative, innovative and willing to try new things in a classroom setting. NOTE: You will receive the sessions August 1, 2020 and have lifetime access.

FREE resources with each session

We want you to leave with something tangible that you can implement in your classroom right away, which is why at each presentation, you’ll receive a bonus FREE resource from the presenter! These resources will help you take action in creating the best classroom atmosphere possible.

meet the presenters

Each session is jam-packed with advice and actionable steps to help you achieve the classroom you’ve always wanted! Each presenter was specifically selected based on their swoon-worthy classroom or their ability to create a safe space for students.

These sessions are designed with all grade levels in mind!

  • Brittany Jeltema: @thesuperheroteacher
  • Staci Lamb: @theengagingstation
  • Joey Udovich: @joeyudovich
  • Christina Schneider: @thedaringenglishteacher
  • Dr. Jenna Copper: @drjennacopper
  • LaQuisha Hall: @mshallscholars
  • Derrick Carlson: @blackandbrightin2nd
  • Erin Castillo: @makingastatementinsped
  • Juan Edgar Gonzalez Jr.: @Teaching3rdwithmrG
  • Heidi rose: @zerowasteclassroom
  • Tamara Moore: @ifpencilscouldtalk
  • Ace Schwarz: @teachingoutsidethebinary
  • Sarah Weedman: @classandcontrast
  • Nathan Lyon: @mr_lyon_4th
  • LaNesha Tabb: @apron_education
  • Ashley Bible: @buildingbooklove
  • Skye Tooley: @growingwithmxt
  • Kayla Collins: @teachlikeyoumeanit
  • Ashley Ramirez: @texaslonestarteacher
  • Mariza M. Davila-Madwid: @sra.dvilamadwid
  • Katie Smith: @adventuresofmssmith_
  • Ashlyn Ellsworth: @thecreativeclassroom
  • Jillian Starr: @jillianstarrteaching
  • Paige Cathcart: @teaching6
  • Skye Tooley: @growingwithmxt
  • Michaela Fischer: @thetownieteacher
  • Avi Goldstein: @thefurnitureexpert

check out some of the epic classrooms from our talented presenters.

Timing + Events

How will you receive the sessions?

The session will be hosted through a site called Teachable. All 26 sessions will be organized into 5 different sections: classroom environment, classroom atmosphere, classroom design, classroom decor, and flexible seating. On August 1st, you will receive an e-mail with log in information. After you log in for the first time, you will have lifetime access and unlimited replays of each session!

why is classroom design + environment important?


Creating and designing a space that is representative of all students is crucial! That’s why several presenters at the Classroom Design + Environment Conference share their expertise on how to develop an atmosphere that feels open, safe and inclusive for any student who enters the classroom.


When students feel comfortable in the space created for them, student engagement levels and productivity increase. Teacher presenters will help you achieve this through design, decor, organization and flexible seating. 

You and your students deserve a space that is comfortable, open and inviting. 

A place to learn and grow together.

Classroom Design + Environment Conference

The only conference dedicated to classroom design, environment, and atmosphere. 

  • 26 engaging sessions about classroom design, environment, and atmosphere.
  • FREE resources with every session
  • Talented teacher presenters who are knowledgeable and informative about their session topic
  • Virtual format 
  • LIFETIME access and unlimited replays beginning August 1, 2020
  • Tools needed to implement ideas from each session

Conference Price = $65


We know things come up and you may need to receive a refund. We will provide refunds up until August 1, 2020. We are happy to send you 100% of the payment as a refund. After the 1st of August, no refunds will be made due to the online platform used. To receive a refund, please e-mail classroomdesignhelp@gmail.com. Thank you! 


Below, we’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with more if you have them!

How long will I have access to the sessions?

You will have access to the sessions forever starting on August 1, 2020. You will have lifetime access to the free resources, sessions and content! We know how important it is to be able to replay and learn the information and it’s a lot to digest. Beginning August 1, 2020, you will be sent a link to access the content to watch on your own time, at your own pace!

Where will the sessions be hosted?

The sessions are on a landing platform called Teachable. Each session will be pre-recorded (no live sessions) so that you can watch them on your own time. With each session, any free resources will be shared through the Teachable platform, too!

Can I share sessions with a teacher friend?

We love that you’re thinking about sharing this with a friend! However, please be mindful that when you purchase a ticket, you are only purchasing one license.

We ask that any additional teachers attending the sessions purchase a ticket as well!

Classroom Design Conference


  • 26 engaging sessions about classroom environment, design and atmosphere.
  • FREE resources with every session
  • Talented teacher presenters who are knowledgeable and informative about their session topic
  • Virtual format 
  • LIFETIME access and unlimited replays beginning August 1, 2020
  • Tools needed to implement ideas from each session



Learning about classroom environment, design, decor, atmosphere and flexible seating has never been easier! Join us.